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King's Indian Four Pawns Attack (second hand)

1.000 Ft
Nem értékelt
Szállítási díj: 1.500 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2021. április 13.

The Modern Benoni is one of the most frequently used defensive systems against the Queen's Opening. The reasons for this popularity are to be found in the fact that it is one of the most active systems at Black's disposal. In certain variations the Modern Benoni assumes characteristics very similar to those of the King's Indian Defence which, indeed, is a very close relative: in this particular case the "pawn assault", which will be dealt with in this monograph merges with it in a most singular fashion. This sequence of moves is the most immediate and direct attempt at a central breach which, in this case, far from representing the pursuit of a precise strategic objective, is transformed into a tactic aimed at gaining profit from the spatial and development advantage White has enjoyed right from the very first moves. The developments springing from it invariably give rise to violent and uncertain battles.

In this book we have omitted the variation characterized by the Bishop mate in "b5" (A67) since the argument is fully dealt with in another monograph, published by s1 Editrice in 1993, thus we would suggest that the reader wishing to complete his study of 7.f4, buy this book.


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