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A Sakk Kombinációk Enciklopédiája - Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations

19.600 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2024. május 21.

6. kiadás

ECC6 Is The Ultimate Educational Tool With Systematic, Carefully Selected Pro-Level Content

Dear readers, the book you are holding in your hands has an extraordinary history and development over the last 40 years. The 1 st edition of the “Encyclopaedia of
Middlegames: Combinations” was published in 1980, and ever since it has been a favourite training tool for aspiring chess students, trainers, and of course professionals. The 6th edition of our classic (Encyclopaedia of Chess Combinations 6th edition – ECC 6) contains examples and instructive positions from games played by all World Champions. From Steinitz to Carlsen!

Also, in this edition of the Encyclopaedia we kept the standard division of all the themes and tactical motifs into 10 topics, while all the positions are graded in three levels according to playing strength – basic, intermediate and advanced. Therefore, the book should prove to be extremely useful for chess trainers allowing them to choose the examples and level of difficulty based on their student’s knowledge and progress.

Compared to the previous edition, this one contains 25% new material with 3198 examples and the following themes:

a. Annihilation of Defence
b. Blockade
c. Clearance
d. Deflection
e. Discovered Attack
f. Pinning
g. Demolition of Pawn structure
h. Decoy
i. Interference
j. Double Attack


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